Compilation of Services

Spring Clean Up:  This service is provided at the start of the season to remove the leaves and debris that have been hiding under all the snow.  We clean out the garden beds and cut back any perennials that need it.  Remove any annuals and cut back the dead branches on the shrubs.  Then we edge the garden beds to leave a nice fresh edge on the garden.  We then dethatch and mow the lawn to remove the dead grass and leaves.  Before we go we will blow the dust off of the walkways, decks, patios and driveway.

Fertilizer Programs:  For our lawn maintenance customers we offer a five step fertilizer program.  This includes a pre-emergent pesticide to control crab grass.  The other applications vary depending on the season.  The early summer application combines fertilizer with Grub control to prevent damage from the grubs feeding on the grass and animals digging up the lawn to eat them.

Weekly Lawn Service:  Lawn service is provided on a regular basis.  The lawn is mowed, edges along the walkways and garden beds are trimmed and the hard surfaces are blown off.  We try and get to each property on the same day and time each week. Of course sometimes the weather and equipment doesn’t cooperate and in that case we will be there as soon as possible.

Mulch:  Each year we will pick up, deliver and install fresh mulch in the garden beds.  We offer different varieties, including Hemlock, Dark Pine, Hemlock blend, Black Forest and Aged Hemlock.  We also have access to an organic black mulch and compost for the garden beds too.

Lawn Renovation:  This is a combination of different services that are tailored for your lawn.  Aeration is done to relieve soil compaction and allow nutrients, air and water to get to the root zone.  Slice Seeding mechanically slices the soil and drops grass seed into the grooves to help thicken up the lawn.   Over-seeding is the method of broadcasting grass seed after aeration to establish need grass plants in the turf.

Tree and Shrub Care:  Depending on the season shrubs need to be pruned to maintain their shape and appearance.   Almost all of the pruning that we do is by hand to avoid damage to the shrubs.  Fertilizer for the trees and shrubs is offered as well.

Garden Maintenance:  This is a midseason service to remove weeds, turn over the mulch and cut back and remove the blooms of perennials that have gone by.   This service keeps your property clean and tidy.

Seasonal Color:  Annual flowers planted in pockets to provide color throughout the growing season.  Depending on the season different flowers are used.  In the fall we can plant bulbs to offer vibrant colors in the spring.